Partners of the ‘EU Alliance for Investing in Children’  took stock of progress made and planned the upcoming activities during their second meeting in Brussels on 8 September.

The organisations were delighted to have an exchange of views with Julius op De Beke (DG EMPL) on what the Commission is doing, including the national seminars on child poverty and how they envisage the implementation of the Recommendation in the future. In the afternoon, partners reflected on the Alliance’s added value, working with the Commission and partnership principle within the Alliance.

Alliance’s partners will meet again on 19 November with the participation of selected national members. The Alliance will also organise the EPAP Convention side event on 20 November on “Invest in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage”.

The EU Alliance is a new form of cooperation between more than 20 EU-level networks and organisations sharing a commitment to end child poverty and to promote child well-being across Europe. The aim of the EU Alliance is to support effective implementation of the EC Recommendation on Investing in Children by facilitating stakeholder cooperation at EU, national and subnational level and supporting effective knowledge exchange, advocacy and communication activities.

A flyer of the EU Alliance and a photo from the meeting can can be found here and here.

EU Alliance for Investing in Children organises second partner’s meeting