Alliance Spain

Spanish Children’s Rights Coalition (Plataforma de Infancia) is the new member of the Spanish Alliance for Investing in Children, coordinated by the Spanish National Committee for UNICEF.

“We will support and contribute to the work of the Spanish Alliance by sharing experiences, expertise and good practices in Spain in relation to child poverty and the implementation of the Recommendation of the European Commission “Investing in children. Breaking the cycle of disadvantage”,  wrote Carlos Martínez-Almeida Morales, President of the Spanish Children’s Rights Coalition, on platform’s joining letter.

The Platform was created in 1997 and today groups more than 50 organizations at national level, including SOS Spain,  Caritas, Fedaia, Plan and World Vision. It follows up children’s policies, promotes child participation and organizes awareness activities on children’s rights.

Gabriel González-Bueno Uribe, Coordinator of the Spanish EU Alliance, welcomed the new member and highlighted the importance of working together with a platform which shares Alliance’s mission of tackling child poverty and promoting child well-being.

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