The Alliance has been established in to:

  • Fight child poverty and promote child well-being in Europe
  • Promote effective implementation of the European Commission Recommendation Investing in Children – Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage
  • Carry out advocacy activities at EU and National levels
  • Make the most of opportunities offered through EU policies, processes and funding to reach these goals.

Our objectives at European level are:

  • To secure and retain political will to end child poverty and promote child well-being in Europe
  • To trigger and support reform in policy and practice based on a knowledge exchange to identify what works best for children and their families
  • To strengthen meaningful engagement of relevant stakeholders in decision-making on public policy and resource allocation for children and build their advocacy capacity

Our objectives at national level are:

  • To carry out advocacy and ensure dissemination of Recommendation to promote reform
  • To use opportunities from the EU (Europe 2020; European Semester, Structural Funds) to promote investment in children
  • To organise a high level event with national politicians and policy-makers
  • To carry out consultations and participatory activities with children and young people
  • Capacity building for National Alliances