We are active at 2 levels:

  1. EU Alliance, made up of European Networks and Organisations, representing a broad spectrum of stakeholders:

→ Organisations working on children’s rights and well-being
→ Organisations working on poverty and social exclusion
→ Organisations representing public authorities
→ Organisations representing social service providers
→ Find more at: Partners

2. Pilot National Alliances in Spain and the UK

→ Coordinated by the Spanish National Committee for UNICEF and Children in Wales respectively.
→ Find out more at: National Pilots

Alliance’s Advocacy Toolkit:

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children prepared a Toolkit to support the advocacy work of networks and organisations on tackling and preventing child poverty and promoting child well-being at national and sub-national level. Alliance’s aim is to capitalise fully on opportunities coming from European Union level, through direct advocacy actions on child poverty and child well-being supporting national level implementation. Download the toolkit in English or French.

The team of the Alliance for Investing in Children

The team